760sa Available in US?

Will there be a 760sa available in the US? I thought that I read sometime near the end of may but am not sure. Is there any difference between 760sa and the 755sa other than the 18x burn speed? One last question, I do mostly verbatim dvd+r dl burning and am wondering how the quality is on the 760sa/755sa compared to my 716sa. I love how my 716sa burns those dual layer discs and the reviews on the 755sa that i saw weren’t too impressive. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer…

i am waiting for the SATA version as well, hopefully it will be here soon

In the US Plextor has shipped (And I bought both) two new drives:

PX-760A (PATA)


PX-755SA (Serial ATA)

I don’t think that Plextor is going to release a 760SA.


they’ve released the 760SA in europe and japan already:

who knows if they’ll release it in n.america…email them and ask would be my suggestion…