760A Review @ cdrinfo


I think I’ll wait …

No overburning…
Except 16X burn, im not very impress with it…

I am a bit disappointed as well with the lack of overburning ability on this drive. Currently, I think I would rather my 712a if I had to choose between the two (I don’t burn DL). But with firmware updates, maybe it will be a beast. The autostrategy feature is cool too.

I’ve looked through the reviews. It is astonishing that there is no “killer drive”. And neither is the 760.

Edit: They tested the drive with FW 1.00. Can anyone say if the writing quality has improved with 1.01?

So far i don’t see bigger differences, 1.01 came out cause a bug was fixed in AS.

nice review!

all tests with AS auto - so the drive seems to be very slow - i’d like to know how fast it is with AS off and PR off @18x

no test with 18x -r.

nevertheless it has a very good quality - for a plex with fw 1.0 :stuck_out_tongue:
so maybe with fw 1.02 or higher it will become a killer drive… :bow:

so it does do protected audio and isn’t 0 sheep as claimed before?

one thing I didn’t like about the review, why the hell did they show pie/poe graphs instead of pie/pif graphs.

The reviews at CDRInfo always use Burst (PIE+POE+POF) scans.

My guess is that they don’t present PIE+PIF scans because that would take twice as long - on Plextor drives you have to perform Sum8 (PIE+POF) and Sum1 (PIF+POF) scans separately!

After seeing many Burst scans, it is my opinion that they are quite useful and that a disc with high PIF levels will also show a lot of POE in a Burst scan. There is no way of translating directly from POE to PIF numbers however, and there are no official limits for POE (like the 4 PIF and 280 PIE limits).

There is indeed a direct correlation between PIF and POE.

The guys at CDRInfo set the limit for POE to 280. I’ve found that limit to be reasonable. If POE does not surpass it you can be relatively sure that PIF stays <=4. So, in a limited way, a bust scan can save you a PIF scan.

I agree that “in a limited way, a burst scan can save you a PIF scan”. :iagree:

However, I have quite a few Burst scans showing POE peaks above 280 where the same disc don’t have very high PIF values (i.e. not above 4) in a Sum1 scan.

Most of my Burst scans have POE < 250, with PIF <= 4 in a Sum1 scan.

The very best Burst scans have POE < 125, with PIF <= 2 in a Sum1 scan.

So there is not a very precise relationship between 280 POE and 4 PIF. :disagree:

I apologize that we seem to be getting way off topic for this thread. :flower:

burn times listed in this review are so unimpressive (as i stated in another thread)…yeah yeah, w/AS OFF they’re faster and once it learns it gets faster, but you would think the reviewers at CDRInfo took this into account when reporting the burn times so i don’t think these times are from the first burn of an MID…

but there is no way to convert between the two. PI is done across rows while PO is done across columns. so yes, high PIF will tend to mean high POE (and vice versa), but it doesn’t tell you anything about whether the disc is a dud or not (for longevity I consider any disc with PIF > 4 to be a dud) because there is no official specification for what level of POE is acceptable, and you cannot deduce the number of PIFs given the number of POEs (and vice versa, though not as important).

Can somebody make some full tests (with beta and TA) of 760A with new firmware 1.01 on TYG03, please? It would be interesting to see if the writing strategy was improved.

I just noticed that Newegg now has this drive available, and came over here to check it out and see if it was worth buying. Looking at the review on cdrinfo, I have to think not. With Plextor’s history for making the best CD recorders, you would think their latest DVD recorder could at least do a good job burning CDs, but apparently not.

Look here.

i want it 4 burning DL media. mine will be here monday yahoo…

@agent009: Does it mean the 760 writes better or the 760’s error recognition is weaker?

i want fasterwrites and cleaner reads. curreently m sony ru 810a they touted it burned DL media onyl reccomended 1 kind verbatum now all my burners settings 4 verbatim dl media is 2.4,8x (on the sony - btw sony changed their tune) with asetting 6x IM sure i could burn veratim dl mediaunfortunately there is no setting 4 6x. im hoping 4 that setting or the ability to really write (and good reads) at6 or 12 x. i finally crossed flashed my sony to a benQ 1640 but same thing i ca not burn verbatim certified 8x media at 8x. read erors all over the place.
so i want 2 see how the lextor does.i thought it would be here today but checkigng upps it will be here tomotrrow and i will be ready 4 tit with its latest firmware.

to aswer your question , cleaner reads and fastr writes on DL media hell my lite-ons buurn sigle layer just fine i can use multiple reocrders and tey re still fadt and the media is accurate no error.

Long live the 708!!!