760A Response Problems

Hey everyone, I got a PX-760A a few days ago and it was working all fine until last night when the response time of the CD greatly reduced. It just suddenly happened. Now it would take about 15 minutes before the computer actually recognizes that the drive actually has a disc. As you can imagine it is a huge pain to install games across 5 discs as it would take 15 minutes before each disc actually starts installing. Whenever I also put a disc in, the drive immediately spins it but it doesn’t load anything. It also freezes anything related to the disc drive (Plextools, Installation). I tried everything, defrag, malware scan, replace wires, reinstall the drives, firmware update, setting it all to DMA.

Any suggestions?

Using a game that has Starforce ‘protection’ system?

No, it reacts the same way to all cds

Do you have perhaps insert DVD “Mr. & Ms. Smith” in the past? Or do you have installed some new software like DVD player or burning tools?