760a only burning at .5x? wtf?

i had a 716a before but it broke. so i bought a 760a. but the darn thing only burns at .5x no matter what speed i tell it to burn. the media is capable of burning higher than .5x (duh). this happens with both dvd+r’s and dual layers. what the heck is going on? nothing like this ever happened with my 716a. i miss my 716a. :sad:

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You are probably having a DMA problem with your drive… take a look at this short guide:

[B]Troubleshooting: Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows XP, 2000, Me, 9x[/B]

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thanks, but this didn’t help. waahh… i tried changing it to dma if available and it stayed at pio. then i tried reinstalling the channel and it still stayed at pio. then i changed it to dma and it still stayed at pio.

hrm… why is it doing this?

oh and i tried to burn after each try and it still stayed at .5x. :sad:

My next try would be to replace the IDE cable… Windows reverts a drive back to PIO if there are too much I/O communication errors, so maybe the cable is gone bad.


well the cable worked okay with my 716a so i don’t know why it would be the cable. but i replaced it anyway and it still shows up pio. got anything else for me? heheh…

i also reformatted my computer. that didn’t help either. this is so crazy… maybe my drive is faulty? or could it be a plextools problem? is there a way i could set everything back to the way it was when i first got it? i don’t remember if i accidentally messe something up in plextools. :sad:

I don’t think that PlexTools can be the culprit… Do you have the chance to test the drive on another PC?

BTW, you said that it happens “with both DVD+R and dual-layers”… you mean also DVD-R right? And what burning app are you using? PlexTools? Nero?


unfortunately, no.

i just finished downgrading to the 1.02 firmware, and that didn’t work either. i’m just out of ideas now.

no. i mean dvd+r’s and dual layers. i haven’t tried dvd-r’s. don’t have any of them.

i’ve tried clonecd and dvd decrypter. these have worked fine in the past, so i’m sure it’s the drive.

Well, then try to do the [B]diagnostic self-test[/B]. If the drive is broken, Plextor service will ask you to do it anyway… You can find the instructions here, they work fine even if your drive is not listed in the title… :wink:


Sounds for me like a issue of your IDE drivers.
Which OS do you use and which chipset has your motherboard?


okay. i did the diagnostics test and it says everything’s okay. i’m starting to think it might be a problem with the ide thing. i haven’t mentioned it before but in the device manager, there are two primary ide channels.

my chipset is ich7 i think… it’s an intel mobo…

i’m not too knowledgeable about this kinda stuff so what i don’t get is why a problem with the ide would make it burn at .5x. don’t get it at all. :frowning:

I think your Drive is OK!!! It looks like it’s your chipset, I had the same problems with a Intel chipset.

Hi, you’re showing two Primary IDE Channels, because one of them is for your Serial ATA hard disk. Is your Plextor on the other Primary or on the Secondary IDE Channel (double-click 'em and show the screenshots if you’re unsure)?

Looks like you still have to install your video-drivers too.

lol. yeah. they’re like that because i reformatted.

but anyways, yes, i do have a sata hdd. my plextor on the slave of the second primary ide channel (not secondary ide channel). i’m sure because that’s the only one that has pio when i double-click it.

here’s a picture:

Do you have installed a service pack for your windows? You know, that you should install the IDE drivers from your motherboard CD or floppy to get full support of your IDE controllers?

So far I know, Intel distribute own IDE and SATA drivers for their motherboards. This should include a utility to change DMA settings and display more informations then windows drivers.

Please show at your BIOS settings if you have select the port , where is your PX-760A connected, to “AUTO” or “CD/DVD”. If there are stay “none” or “disabled” some BIOS deactivate DMA support.

PS: Your IDE cable to your plextor has 80 pins, or not?

i have service pack 2 installed.

i’m not sure about ide drivers. i know that i installed drivers for my chipset (i got the drivers from the dell website since my computer’s a dell). i also did windows update so i think everything should be fine when dealing with drivers (but i don’t know).

i’ll get back to you on the bios, and my ide cables does have 80 pins.

i hope everyone realizes that i’ve had a 716a before with absolutely no problems, and i’ve changed nothing since switching from the 716a to the 760a other than the drives themselves.

Try putting the Plex as Master on the Secondary IDE Channel (change the jumper and use 80-wire ribbon cable as well - you should see Ultra DMA Mode 4 if it works).

Yes, I have understood that you has PX-716A before. But at the past I could fix enough incompatibilities with usage of vendor specific IDE drivers. They couldn’t fix all stupid situations but should give it a try. I’m not sure if 716A also support UDMA66, but 760A supports it and need this to use UDMA4 - this could be the different.

To find the reason - It’s possible that you connect your PX760 as a single drive to one of your IDE ports?


okay. i’ll try that when i wake up. i’ve gotta go to sleep. but if anyone has anymore advice then please post, and i’ll get back to you guys when i wake up.

thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

okay. i put it on the master of that ide channel and now it works fine. it’s not saying pio and it burns at the speeds i tell it to. what does this mean? is my slave ide channel broken??

No, the Plex just doesn’t like to be a slave to the other drive in your system :wink: . It is a Plex after all, just claiming it’s rights :bigsmile: .