760A is a poor DVDvideo reader - What setting change can improve this?



760A is a poor DVDvideo reader - What setting change can improve this?
I have no problem with burning with this drive. Ripping videos to my harddrive is altogether another story .

The Drive consistently fails whhen it is reading the last two chapters of many of my movie disks. If there is even a smudge or fingerprint it totally freezes and causes the movie to revert to the root menu and the ripping process stops.

I’ve spoken to Plextor Tech support and they admit that the drive is primarily designed for burning and not so much for reading DVDvideo movies. And in order for a disk to be read all the way to the end it has to be in pristine condition.

Is there a way to change the drive settings with Plextools so that it isn’t so anal about slight imperfections and lets them slip by instaed of causing a disk restart and the disk to eject out.

Reads on the Plex are always at 2x. What if that was increased to 16x? Could that be done and woudl that let more errors slip by without a diskrestart.

I have a Sony and an LG drives both cost less than $60 and they have never failed reading these movies.

Any one else have this prob? :sad:

Is there


The outside is always more difficult to read. Mechanical problems (disc is not really flat) or dirt (it’s were people hold the discs) are the case. Try to keep your discs clean.

BTW: Are those pressed discs or self-burned ones? How about showing us some Q-Check scans?

No, not really. Sometimes it makes sense to select slower reading speeds to begin with, because slower speeds usually lead to less readback problems, and thus not loose time with the drive slowing down and speeding up at higher speeds. That is what Speedread and Silentmode was invented for.

Enable SpeedRead in Plextools and make sure your drive is running in DMA mode.


no, 760A/SA is the best reader I got. Especially for DL-DVD Video discs (16x !)
And it even reads discs where other drives constantly fail.

I am very pleased with it.


Quite Possible because you are not using Firmware 1.06.
When I upgraded to 1.06 the Drive started failing to read the outer chapters on Store bought DVD movies. I downgraded to 1.03 and guess what the outer chapters are now readable. How can I keep my FW 1.06 and get good readability or is this not possible. Also what setting can I change to improve the reading.

BTW the Plex only reads DVD Video at 2x - How did you get it to read at 16x??


I Agree.


Enable SpreedRead in Plextools or by pressing the eject button for 3 seconds.


THere is a warning that use of SpeedRead causes excessive noise and possibly damage to the Disc and Drive. Do you still recommend this action?


You need SpeedRead to go beyond 2x speed when reading a Video-disc. Using speed-read does not mean you are forced to use the highest speed. Once Speedread is enabled you can select any speed that suits you: 2x, 2-5x, 3-8x, 5-12x and 6-16x.


Signature is outdated, I am using 1.06.


Yes but the warning SpeedRead causes excessive noise and possibly damage to the Disc and Drive is still an issue.

Do you still recommend this action? Or do you limit the read to 3-8x?


I recommend enabling SpeedRead. Don’t worry about it. If the disc is smooth and clean, it will read your disc very fast (760 is the fastest dual layer reader btw). Otherwise the drive will slowdown by its own when encountered “error” (scratch, dust etc).


i also think this problem is firmware related. i also have problems with fingerprints on dvd video. but it allways helped to clean the disc. i don’t want to downgrade because of the 16x speed.


Yes but you didn 't answer the question. Will enabling Speed Read allow better
reading of store bought Videos? I have tries the 760a of friends and they too have trouble reading DVDvideo on the outer chapters. They freeze in almost the same spots.
Also is the Plex so sensitive that it can’t read a disk with a paper label stuck on? No player or other DVD dirve Ihave has these read probs the Plex has.

Are you Plex-Freaks just trying to protect your integrity or are you in just plain denial? :bigsmile:


Really? Your original question was:

Again: Enable SpeedRead.

If the drive still doesn’t speed up then it has problems with the quality of the disc that prevents it from going full speed.

No. It will allow faster reading. No drive function can magically make a disc better. Whether full speed can be reached will be dependent on the quality of the disc.

IMHO that is good news. At least it looks like your drive is not defective but the disc is crap.

Paper labels are a [B]very bad[/B] idea. It’s impossible to apply the properly centered and the stickers weight itself is usually not regularly distributed over it’s size, thus leading to an unbalace that cases vibrations that prevent high speed reading. Even more paper stickers can expand or contract leading to a deformation of the disc (lifting up the outer rim) which can lead to the exact problems you are describing.

Different drives act differently. Some die when they see fingerprints, some do harakiri when seen scratches. Apparently Plextors don’t like warped discs.

Seriously: Neither. Many people get to forums like this one and report problems with the ‘if it happens to me it must be an universal truth’ attitude. Now the question is, does that make people that don’t happen to have the same problem persons that care so much about their integrity that they life in denial (or, in this case, Plextor fanboys)?
I (or others) have no problems like you describe (but then we don’t have the very same disc to try). That only tells us that the problems you have are not necessarily universal but your own. Your own in regard to both drive and disc in question. You simply may have wound up with a combination that doesn’t work. That does happen now and then, also with other drives (and other discs).