760A FW1.06 applied online - getting more errors now reading DVDs

Can this happen? The FW was applied while on line right from the the servor.
Was this a mistake or does the FW update need to be DL’d first then applied.
After installing it said Firmware update suceesful and my Drive appears to
have Firmware 1.06 in it’s ID now. So what gives.
Can the FW upgrade be applied and cause corruption.
Or does the FW update either work or not. No gray areas.
I am getting a lot more errors than when I used FW 103.
Can this be possible. Or is it possible I messed up the FW install somehow.
Also Store-bought DVD movies can no longer play the last chapters on the disks. The movie just ends.
I can play these lst chapters no prob on my $30 LG drive.

Is the Plextor that bad of a DVD movie reader?

Can the FW 106 be applied over a FW 106 or must I downgrade then upgrade again.

Try flashing back to 1.03, .04 or .05 or whatever, and testing. If an earlier firmware works and a later firmware does not, report it to tech suppport and hang loose at the version that works…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Anyhow, when a vendor does a firmware fix, they do regression testing to see that nothing is broken now that was working before. However, they cannot test every mobo combination to verify that the fix will be all things to all people.

you can flash to 1.06 again without downgrading.
just make sure there are no disc in the drive and shutdown (not only restart!) your computer after the flash.