760A and YUDEN00T02 @ 12x, what's wrong?

Firmware 1.04
Unbranded White Inkjet Printable Taiyo Uden DVD+R 8x
MI: YUDEN000T02 (Batch TG001162)
Burned @ 12x

I can’t belive it, look at those awful scans :frowning:

Here’s what I did, I wasted a disc to creat a full strategy for YUDEN000T02 media and did set AS/ON, Power Rec/ON.

And here’s the result.

then tried to use the AS forced mode…and the result is almost the same.
I know that this media is 8x rated but since my BenQ1650 drive burn these discs @ 16x with
good result (look here ) I was expecting more from my 760 @ 12x.

Here’s the third attempt with AS/OFF Power Rec/ON. Any suggestion on what can be wrong?

a Plextools PI/PO scan of the second attempt the PI looks very much the same as the NeroDVD speed scan done with my BenQ.

Try 8x. If you still have problems then the drive has an issue.

Thanks for your input “Two Degrees” and yes it made alot of difference to burn @ 8x, looks very
good (make me feel calm :cool: I purchased 400 discs from SVP)…I’m still very confused. I’ve used
this media for some time and always burned at 12x with very good result. Prolly a firmware issue
since my BenQ drive handle this media well…

I doubt it’s a firmware issue; it seems with Plextors that some of the drives overspeed well and others just don’t, though I hadn’t seen as much variability with the new drives (755A/760A) as with the 716A and 712A.