7600GT running on 700MHz instead of 1100MHz

I recently bought AGP graphics card from Club 3D manufacturer and I’m pleased with the performance on a few game titles that I tried so far.
However I noticed that the memory frequency in nVidia monitor is different than what the specs for this card say. It’s 700MHz instead od 1100MHz.
Anyone knows what’s going on here?


FAIK they sell also OC’ed gfx cards. Could be such one, or youneed to use extra software from them to “oc”.

So you’re saying that they sell products with fake specification? That cannot be legal.
I’ve heard good things about Club 3D till now.

Did you mess with the settings thru nTune or some other oc software. Mine (different card) is speced at 1800. 900x2 = 1800Mhz. So you may be running @1404Mhz if it is the same as mine?

Your memory is twice-pumped : 700 x 2 = 1400

[QUOTE=crossg;2037304]Did you mess with the settings thru nTune or some other oc software. [/QUOTE]
I didn’t mess with anything. I bought this card two days ago and decided to check the frequency today. If 700MHz is a regular value for this card then I guess I’m fine.

Yes, all is normal.
The mfr’s like to advertise the DDR value because it’s a more impressive number.

Probably like chef suggested if your memory is supposed to run @ 1100 Mhz then you probably have an overclocked version which is basically a different bios version on the same card.