760-SA .. Dodgy Happenings

I has the 760-SA Sata edition… and but ive been having strange problems with it. It reads any disc / dvd / movie etc no problem.

But i had a few problems with Nero not burning discs, just used to bottom out.

So i switched over the Plextools last night and after some testing i finally got it burning discs at a decent speed and with a good success rate.

How everi have turned my PC on this morning, fired up plextools and trying to burn a DVD… it loads up the project fine and gets to the lead in section and the discspins… Then it just spins down and sits idle… the indication light on the drive just stays green (no writing)… At this stage plextools dosnt respond to the cancel and the drive wont eject…

And i am forced to reset the PC to eject the disc… .Why would it work fine last nigth then refuse to work this morning… i just dont get it.

Any clues would be great.


Uninstall IDE/Sata drivers and let Windows use the native ones.

Dont think i actually have any 3rd party SATA drivers… but ill have a look and uninstall if i have. Are the official Nvidia Nforce ones no good then ? As thats what ill be using if any…

Never use the SATA drivers from nvidia unless you need software RAID. They have compatibility issues with certain optical drives. Sometimes the drivers get memory errors and you can lose your partition.