760 Laser Power Calibration errors. HELP!

HI, I have a 760 that is aprx 4 months old, and hardly used. When the 1.05 firmware came out I flashed it to my 760 and all was fine and it burned genuine T02’s nicely. HOWEVER, today I go to burn a dvd and I get Power Calibration Errors.
I tryed the plextool media check, when simutalted it judged the media as fine BUT when I do a destructive media test it comes back with:
“The laser power parameter of the write strategy is out of margin”

Is my 760 Toast? :a

Say Goodbye to your Plextor! RMA…

Oh wow. Is that really true? This really sucks. Mine seems to be burning DVD+R DLs fine (Verbatim MKM) but on TY 8x DVD-R (TYG02) it gives them power calibration errors all the time now starting today. The drive is around 9 months old (I’m actually unsure. I forgot when I bought it). I burned a total of around 700 DVD-Rs and 80 DVD+R DL.

Why are the drives having these problems? My Pioneer DVR-108 had the same problems on all discs after around 300 burns.

Yup it really blows. I wish mine lasted 300. It was more like 80. :a

One nice thing is I got my replacement via “advanced exchange” the next day! Even better, it is a new burner (not a refurb) [I]and[/I] a newer tla version (tla 0103). Maybe it is only the early adopters like me, with tla 0000’s, that are getting screwed? Maybe the 01’s fixed a major bug in the line :Z who knows?

I know the next plextor I buy I’ll get an extended warranty on it! Probably get 3 new ones over 2 years and all for the low, low price of one :cool:

Heck, in 2 years maybe they will sub a blu-ray plextor for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are all burners like this? Do they all get these power calibration errors after so many burns?

The answer is yes, more or less. A laser diode only has so many hours of ‘life-time’ until it burns out. When this actually happens depens of many factors, not only numbers of burns (proper cooling, for example, has quite a lot of influence).

Hwp, thats what PO’s me the most. It was in a Cm stacker 830 w/ 8 120mm Scythe E’s moving over200cfm of air in AND out! heat was +
not an issue just terrible QC @ plextor

The device is electro-mechanical and can fail if any component goes out. That is why there is a warranty. Nothing to do with QA. I would guess your PC was power on 24/7? Did you ever run the self test to confirm drive failure?

The drive is now being returned to Plextor on RMA and they will be replacing it.

Ok, so no heat problem but then with that much air being moved, how about dust? I found that blowing air INTO a casing collects a [B]lot[/B] of dust. Since then all my cooling is done by sucking air out. Your problem might be a ‘weakened’ laser (bacause of the use it has already seen) plus a dust layer on the lens.

The air you suck out of your PC has to find it’s way in somehow. The amount of dust adjusts to the amount of air moved. Only filtering would be beneficial.

Nope, wasn’t dust…thats what DUST FILTERS on all air intake fans are for. Cleaned once a week. Comp wasn’t on 24/7 either. After less than 80 burns and a getting a “electro-mechanical” failure means crap QC.

Ran the driver self diag. and it failed (can’t remember how fast, but it was a green blinking led).