760 in 755 disguise



Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.
I opened the case of my 755UF and found a 760 inside which has 755’s firmware installed. I did not find a way to flash it to 760 FW.


That’s why I bought two :). The 760 is a poor 18X burner really (if you can get there externally in the first place) and both 755 and 760 firmwares are identical as far as write strategies are concerned, so just enjoy the improved build of the 760 and burn at 16X max. That’s my advice.


I wouldn’t call the 760 a poor 18x burner. I don’t think any of the 18x burns I’ve done with either of my 760As or my 760SA have been out of spec or unreadable.


If there’s a way to flash it to a 760 that would be great. It can do 16x rips of pressed DL DVDs right? Don’t think the 755 does that.