760 + Cmc D04



Is 760 doing any good with CMC D04 dual layer discs?


I’ve yet to see CMC made DL media. Most vendors seem to buy Ritek for some reason. Since Ritek DL media are not too hot (or rather bad, depends on how you see it) i’d like to see some CMC burns done in a Plextor


It really depends on the quality of the CMC DLs.
Some can be excellent while others can be unreadable crap.

Stay away from Bulkpaq or Datawrite branded ones, they only buy C or D-grade.
But under Philips brand for example, they should be nice.


Stupid thing is that the Phillips are as expensive as the Verbatim discs. So I can go directly for the real deal! Anyway I am still waiting hard for the DL discs to get cheaper. But I doubt it will ever happen. :sad: