75th comic - The BW neighbour story continues!

Heya everybody,

we have a little story to do in the next months… the new neighbours are rebuilding their house and the neighbourhood is friendly again… everybody is quiet… everybody?? No… a little cat is still figuring out some funny stuff for the special guests…


here we go:

And you might have thought after all those comics I got no more ideas? Well… at the moment I only get more and more and more ideas :wink:

Have a nice weekend… and don’t forget the feedback!

:iagree: :iagree:

tears from laughing. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

This is heaven, gimme MORE!!!

i get more and more addicted to your comics

Great one Rylex. Those pesky lawyers are in for it now.

Looking at the size of that book though I think it’s some kind of giant super sized lawyer.

How will the cat deal with this one?

Great once again. Keep it up.

Hehehe, keep em coming mate!:smiley:

Thanks everybody!

H3rB3i I see you added a link into your signature to my comics forum :wink:
Thanks for that…

More comics will arrive next week

Sorry for the late reply, but great as always. :bow: