755sa - not working well



I have read through all the 755sa posts and none pertain to my problem.

I bought these for my new rig because of plextors great rep and my last comp ran plextors with no trouble. Now I spend 6K on a new machine and it works like crap

Have 2 755sa’s running. Using nero7.

First, when I start burning, it freezes my whole computer for 10 seconds which is ridiculous. On top of that, I was not getting 8x burning speeds on eithe drive- it was taking 10+ minutes to burn a dvd. So I flashed from 1.04 to 1.07 on one of the drives. Now that drive will only burn at 4X !!!

I did read that the original bios fixed some problems…Are you guys getting 8x speeds out of this drive ? What can I do ?



What are your system specs? CPU, speed, chipset for SATA, using RAID? etc. What drivers? Microsoft or vendor? What media? What is the rated speed?

Time could indicate running in PIO. What is setting in device manager?
Run the self test on each just to make sure it is not a bad drive. Use recommended media.

Use Nero tools to graph a response on each. Should run to the


Core 2 duo 6600, asus striker, 2 gig ram - top notch parts. I’m running the drives on a promise sata card as I’m out of sata ports (4 hard drives). I’m using Ridata, 8x. Just burned a disc and it went quick - will check the other drive and look into your suggestions…thanks…


The burning speed does not only depend on the rating of the media but also on the firmware. If the firmware does not support the media or does only support a lower writing speed you cannot expect the rated speed of course.


What Promise card? Previous posts indicate poor compatibility and drivers that run only in POIO mode. What is the Promise chipset?