755a nearly no 16x burns with powerec

the powerec of my 755a burner slows almost every burn down. i am using mcc004 (verbatim 16x) and maxtor 16x.
1 or 2 of a 50p stack are burned @full speed - the rest is slow downed to 12x max. some to 10x max.
in both cases: if i make a autostrategy (“full” mode) it says “12x”
the autostrategy made at first burn says 16x - but it seems that this doesn’t matter in terms of burning speed

is this normal?
what is your expirience with this burner and media?
i never read something about this problem in any review including the excellent one by hwp.

No, that does not sound normal. Even the very nitpicky PX-716 will burn MCC 004 at full 16x, albeit not always. The PX-755 should have no problems with them at all.

Are you sure that they are not fake? Here’s a link about some fake 8x Verbatims that might give you an idea what signs to look for: http://www.cdgrab.hu/_cikk/hamis_verbatim/

You could try turning off PoweRec and burn at 16x and then scan the result. If there are many errors that might be an indicator that they are fake.

I have some MCC-004-00 here that power rec limits to 8x when AS is disabled (and which come out unreadable). With AS forced, they burn at 16x and quality is almost as good as with NEC

They are labeled by Verbatim, so I hope they are not fake… :rolleyes:

That is odd, usually MCC004 burns at 16x with my 755SA. You may want to disable AutoStrategy and test.

Ok, i’ve just started a test on MCC 004 00, set to speed 16x with AS OFF but PoweRec ON. Preliminary result: Clean 16x CAV burn, no slowdowns (duration 6.08). I’ll post the scans in my 755 review thread when done.

Meanwhile, are those MCC made in Taiwan, India, or … ?

Mine are Taiwan (25pcs not printable)

Taiwan for me as well (made by Prodisc and CMC) with Verbatim-branded silver matte tops. Also I have a spindle of wide printable ones made in Taiwan by Prodisc.

How do you determine whether they are made by Prodisc or CMC?

thx for reply

this problem is as old as my 755a and the media is from different sources (amazon.de, mediamarkt) and with both the maxell and verbatim.

will try to disable as and come back

Here’s the result: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1403677&postcount=87

As already stated there was no slowdown. Perhaps a faster way to check the quality of the discs you are using: Can you do a FE/TE scan and post the results here?

i don’t know how to insert a image but i try to explain the result of the fe/te scan:

FE nearly all the tim below 15 with maximum of 20 at the end

TE nearly all the time below 40 (short time above 40 @ 1.5GB) and after 4GB it goes up to 60.

is this good or bad? (plextools says it is good and is able to burn @ max speed - but it doesn’t with powerec enabled :frowning: )

Doesn’t sound to bad. Perhaps TE is a bit high. Compare with these examples:

Excellent result:
Good result but at the end high TE that caused slowdown:

FE/TE only tests how good the laserpickup can follow the pregroove on the disc (the spiral in which the burn will take place). If this test says ok, then it means, that the disc can IN THEORY be written at full speed because the drive is capable of following the pregroove of THIS disc. FE/TE however cannot tell how the dye will react when the burn is really taking place. That is why FE/TE can say OK but PoweRec (capable of monitoring real time how the dye reacts) still slows down if it thinks something is wrong.

Is the slowdown you are experiencing happeing at the 1.5GB position (a Beta/Jitter scan should show lower Jitter in such a case)?

“Is the slowdown you are experiencing happeing at the 1.5GB position”

yes the first slow down is at the place where burn reaches 8x sometimes it reaches 8.4x and no speed up until the second slowdown; the second slow down occurs at 12x mark (with the slowed down tempo) slowing down to 8x, sometimes a slight speed up at the end to 12x but in most cases 8x 'til the end.

“Good result but at the end high TE that caused slowdown:

my scans are similar to this one a second scan (othe disk from same stack) had no peaks above 40.

now my concluding question: how can i deetermine if it’s a media problem or a burner problem?
as i said before: i never had more than one in a row or at maximum 2 in a 50p stack with a straight 16x burn. i burned more than 300 disks most from verbatim 50p from maxell 16x and 50p from ricoh 16x (the worst).

today i buyed verbatim mcc004 from a third source and only a 10p stack.
the first one burned fine -@ highest all the time.

but the second and the third burned as the many befor: first slow down @ 8x-9x then again @ 75% (it is allway on this mark(burning a full disk)! also on maxell and ricoh)

now i think it is a problem with the burner, isn’t it?

Still most likely the media. Recently had the same issue with mcc getting consistent 16x burns. Still, PR should give a burn with few errors if speed drops. Want max speed? Turn off PR and then compare the two burns. You’ll probably switch back to PR on.

since your plextor burns on it, and doesn’t make any errors, I think its more likely a firmware or media problem. Perhaps a combination of both?!

I have to check my own 755, and see what it does!