7551 & 6750 burn slower than 6650! Any solution?

I have a 6650 burner and use TDK +R media. Burns all fine at 8x speed. Now I have ‘upgraded’ to a 6750 and it burns the SAME disk only at 6. I thought crappy drive and bought now a 7551 with the same result. They only burn the same disk at 6x speed!!!
I tried Original FW, Liggy FW and modified FW all with the same result: 6x speed.

Is there anything NEC changed with those newer drives? Why would anyone want a newer drive to burn SLOWER? I now use the ‘older’ 6650 to burn 8x speed DVDs.

Any help, perhaps some new FW coming up soon? Anyone else had this experience and solved it?


Either these media have degraded in quality by testing or they are just not yet fully implemented with write strategies…

Okay, let me re-phrase that:

The SAME disk put in each of the drives and checked for highest speed! Then back again in the 6500 and 8x is back.
No degradation here! And for the write strategies, NEC should not get worse with them while increasing the models. Hard to believe that would be the issue.

Anybody else any idea?

Not the drive only decides about the possible burnspeeds.

:disagree: Unbelievable!

Just checked with Liggy’s codes and found that NEC indeed went down with the speeds for that particular media in its NEWER burner model!!! :Z

The TDK is CMC MAG E01 and rated 8x speed with the 6500 (!) but only 6x speed with the 6750 and 7550/7551. What a crap, just unbelievable. In any case, that was the correct answer and if anybody else upgrades the model of an NEC, better check with the codes first if you have a stockpile of DVDs…


PS to Liggy:
Any new FW for the 7551 coming up soon? And thumbs up for your hard work here :clap:

I have a similar issue with the 6750. Is there anyway to override NEC’s settings in the firmwire to make certain media burn at 8x?

The difference in burn time should be only small because notebook drives burn only the very last part of the disk, usually 10-20%, at 8x write speed.

Well, thanks for your post. I used MediaEdit to change the code for this and it worked well.
Now, as of today, Liggy released the newer FW 1p2 and when I try to do the same there, the program gives the error, cannot be saved…!
How come and How can I use your program to change the media code in that FW too?