7550A now set to master but stuck in safe mode *HELP NEEDED*


I have a Toshiba Satellite 2450-201 laptop. The HDD is on Primary Channel Master and my old CD-RW drive (slim select) was on Secondary Channel Master.

I have bought a new ND-7550A slim DVD writer but I get IDE #1 Error.

I have used the bootcode flasher (slave) to revert the drive to Master and I can now boot the laptop without the IDE Error and Windows XP sees recognises the drive correctly.

The problem I have is the drive is in safe mode and I can’t flash the firmware. I think I need a MASTER firmware but I can’t find one that will work with binflash gui. Am i doing something wrong here??

Any help is much appreciated.

Your post is very confusing.

Which bootcode flasher did you use? The master or slave one?

  • If master, then you can only flash master firmwares. Ex: 1.##
  • If slave, then you can only flash slave firmwares. Ex: 1.P#


PS Do [B]NOT[/B] try to use ND-7551 firmwares!

Thanks you so much tqhoang for your help, I followed your advice and successfully flashed the drive with 1.p1_rpc1 and it works perfectly now (I had used the SLAVE bootcode flasher to make the drive MASTER so I used the Slave main firmware as you suggested).

My 7550A is now recognised as Secondary MASTER and I no longer get the IDE #1 ERROR on boot and is also recognised correctly in Windows XP. I ran Nero’s InfoTool and the drive checks out ok and is of course now RPC-1 too. :slight_smile:

I did some test burns and they went fine, I also tested some bootable CDs and they booted up without any problems.

Thanks again tqhoang for all your help.