755 vs 760

I am in the process of picking a new plextor burner to replace the 716 that i have/had :>
I have narrowed it down to the 755 and the 760.
Which one should i pick?
I only use genuine TYT02 @8x
Any ideas…or should I just flip a coin?

I don’t think there is much difference in any of the drives (716A included) when burning T02@8x. You might as well stick with what you have.

Can’t…the 716 is TOAST :> 13 months old RIP
Its beta/jitter levels starting going off the charts and instead of the usuall sub 200 PIF w/ .08 Pie avg I started getting preeeety crappy results. Its not the media becasue in my other system I have a benq 1650 that still gives 99% nero q. scores.

The 760 has no advantage over the 755 if you just burn at 8x.

Good point Arrow. Does one have a more “mature” firmware than the other? My main concern is QUALTIY not speed.

Then maybe you should go for NEC :stuck_out_tongue: