755 and overburning: does it work for you?

As I’ve been unsuccessul in overburning TY03 and MCC04 +R discs, I was wondering whether any of you had better luck. If you had, could you please share the settings which made this possible?

I can overburn my MCC004 without problems.

  1. Use latest firmware, because Plextor introduced the overburning - capabilities in the second or third firmware update.

  2. Make sure you have enabled overburning within the plextools software.

  3. I made good experiences with IMGBurn for burning my data. Works like a charme…

How much does it overburn?

I’ve overburned even with Crappy memorex dvds.
I’ve just have to burn the disc throgh the plextools professionals, and voilá!

Overburning only works for +R. So TYG03 won’t work. Also the PX-755/760 do not overburn with early firmwares (you’ll need at least 1.04/1.03, if i remember correctly). Your burning software needs to support overburning too. How much extra space can be used depends on the media. An extra 100MB is possible in most cases. I’ve seen done up to 125MB.

As far as I know, TY03 is +R, anyway I only use +R media. I used 8x for both Verbatim and TY media.
I’m using FW 1.07 and PlexTools Pro latest version, with Overburning selected (obviously).
I was trying to overburn 260 MB, would you say it’s too much?

YUDEN T03 is +R, TYG03 is -R. If you have YUDEN T03, just type ‘T03’, not TY03. And yes 260MB is too much, I don’t have this drive but the most I’ve ever heard of being overburned is around 140MB. I’ve overburned around 130MB on my Benqs, much beyond that and you reach the edge of the dye. Also, some media can be overburned further out than other media.