750A review up


Btw, where can we get Nero InfoTool 4.00?

So am I the only one here who thinks that reading a review in japanese is about as rewarding as reading an encrypted transmission of the first 1 million digits of Pi? :confused:

If you post a link to an external review in this forum, I think it would be nice if you also mention that it is in a foreign language (i.e. not in english). :wink:

The scans shown

and (DVD-RAM) here

seem self-explanatory. I don’t really need to read complaints about how it “doesn’t support Mt. Ranier” :wink: to see if it’s any good or not.

My first glance says the 750 looks a little shaky at 16X with Maxell and Verbatim media, but does OK with TY. 8X and 4X burns look about average, except for 4X burns on 16X media - downright scary. Almost all rated-speed burns, except as noted above, look quite good. DL burns always look scary, and there’s a few very nasty-looking PIE/PIF peaks, but some pretty good (for DL) looking MKM (Verbatim) burns as well.