750 GB hard disks for $209 @ newegg + Free ship

Newegg is offering a free Seagate SATA 250 GB 3.0 HDD if you buy the 500 GB SATA 3.0 for $209. So essentially you are getting ~ 750 GB for $209 - not bad at all considering that a single 500 GB drive costs $150 and the deals are hard to find.

Good for those looking ramp up their storage :slight_smile:

Shipping is free and both drives are OEM but I dont think that should be much of an issue. I buy lots of OEM products with no issues.

man o man…if i hadnt spent some money alread on Black Friday…thanks for the info

Wow! My 500 gig cost me $179 alone. An extra $30 for another 250 gig? Nice…

Newegg usually only offers such discounts on merchandise with an above-average failure rate. The 250GB drive is one of the 7200.9-series builds that seems more troubled than the newer 7200.10 units. Read the fine print too. NE usually has strings attached when you try to RMA one device out of a combo deal.

NE has offered this 250GB drive as a freebie with a $200 OEM FX-55 CPU, and part of an OEM A64 3400+ CPU/Asus mobo/250GB HDD for $155 combo deal. (Read the reviews for that Asus mobo if you thought all Asus mobos were great).

Deals like this are a gamble. There is a decent chance you may win and be one of the lucky ones to get non-defective hardware at a great price. But if you lose this draw, be prepared to pay dearly to ship it back for an RMA, and don’t be surprised if the replacement you recieve is someone else’s RMA that they bench tested for 30 second and thought it was okay… At around $10 per RMA shipping charge and with up to several warranty exchanges possibly required before you get a ‘good’ replacement (not to mention all your wasted time), such ‘deals’ may not be such a great deal.

“So tell me punk, do ya’ feel lucky? Well… DO YOU!?” - (Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry)

Well that’s just silly…

I’ve used Newegg for years and they have not stiffed me once on a return.

Silly person - where are those facts and data?

Besides, these are SEAGATE BARRACUDA drives. Seagate drives have a 5 year warranty!

These are not some garbage Fuji drive or what not. These are hardcore SEAGATES man!

Get hold of yourself and snap out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

NE is a for-profit business and as such doesn’t give something away for free unless they are having trouble selling it because of a high RMA rate. If they give a substancial discount and it fails, they know the customer is less likely to return it; if it was a freebie with a combo deal and the fine print says you have to send the rest of the combo back with the defective part, NE knows most people won’t want to send back good part from a functional system and will just ‘eat’ the loss…

The Seagate 5-year warranty is just writing. Most reviews I’ve read about RMAs to them report that you then just get a refurbished unit (even if YOUR RMA was brand new) with the balance of your unused warranty remaining.

If you haven’t been stiffed by NE yet, just give them time…

RWP, you are just a negative nancy…

Perhaps, but I’m also a realist who just wanted to alert some people to the possible pittfalls of a deal like this. If only one person is spared from being screwed by the likes of Newegg by my posts here, it will be a very positive result. :slight_smile:

Sour Grapes, man. Hundreds of folks on here have had good experiences with Seagate products, yet you trash 'em. Hundreds of folks on here have had good experiences with Newegg, and you trash 'em. Lame.

Newegg ain’t perfect, but it’s one of the better online stores to buy from.

You Title is confusing, buy the 500gig, get the 250gig drive for free for a total of 750gig.
Almost 5pm and ripit is nowhere to be found

I’m not trashing Seagate at all! They are an excellent drive manufacturer! But even they can have a bad lot or two. That’s when NE steps in and gets a good price on a bad lot and tries to unload them on an unsuspecting public. If you had been screwed by NE you’d be singing a different tune. When that day comes, I hope that you will share your bad experience and help warn others…

If you’d like to start a new thread in an appropriate forum, I’d be glad to share with you all what goes on behind the scenes at NE… it isn’t pretty. :frowning:

Has something changed since this post in May? If you hold such disdain for a company why have you been buying from them for years and even say they are the best?

Yo BK and RWP-

RWP does have a point about the RMA in a combo deal - if you take the time to read the fine print - and BK has a point about the reliability of the Seagate hard drives and their 5 year warranty-

I personally have a 7200.9 - 250gb Seagate drive that has given me very good service for the past year along with my three other Seagate drives - all from Newegg-

Both of you have valid points - and the readers of this thread should keep that in mind as they read through this thread-

@ExpertTech - great find - thank you-eh!

jhtalisman -

Nothing has changed in the way NE operates since then, the same price-fixing, market manipulation and deceptive practices continue. By ‘best’ I meant largest, most popular, etc. And yes, I continue to buy from them when I catch them selling a product at a fair price with no strings attached. But I also buy from ZZF and eWiz and am happy to report they don’t play such games. In fact, those e-merchants only have to adjust their prices in response to NE’s almost daily manipulation of prices.

When Conroe was first released, NE was leading the price-gouging frenzy by setting the highest price seen by the most popular e-sellers. (Do a search here and see all the people complaining about that.) I bought from Ewiz because they had the most honest price at the time.

You can defend NE all you want, and if you are okay with their business practices then have fun. But I’m a consumer advocate at heart and it steams me to see people get ripped-off by NE.

Sorry this thread got OT by my initial statement. I won’t post anything more in this thread, but would be happy to continue it in another forum if anyone is interested. People need to know the truth about how some of these companies and markets run… If I notice a new thread on NE in these forums, I’ll take it as a sign people are interested and see you all there; if not, then enough has been said.


Meh - agree to disagree

Nothing wrong with the title…its disk[B]s[/B] and not disk…well yeah it could have been improved…didn’t have much caffeine that day :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing has changed in the way NE operates since then, the same price-fixing, market manipulation and deceptive practices continue.

@RWP - All your posts single out newegg being a ‘bad’ vendor which I strongly disagree. None of my newegg products have failed on me. Even if they had, it would be the same # as those I bought from CompUSA.

As for the 250 gig 7200.9 having a high failure rate…come on folks just face it…every electronic item is prone to failure and you’ll have to RMA it to newegg if it fails…the probability of the Barracuda 7200.9 failing is same as the probability of a WD Raptor failing - if not Seagate would have been out of business by now for manufacturing substandard products.

If this is making someone feel that they would buy a drive that would potentially fail, please stop buying any electronic item for you have to pay RMA charges for. Be optimistic guys…electronic items fail even with the highest quality levels. Its life - we need to live with it.

I feel bad that Newegg let him down in the past, but I do think that is the exception, certainly not the rule. I’ve ordered thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of parts over the years from Newegg and the only goof-up was my fault. They took back a 1 gig xD card I ordered because I found out that my camera only supported up to 512 meg xD card sizes. It is a small thing, but they were really nice about it.

Yo BK-

I too have spent an inordinate amount at the Egg over the past five or so years - have never had a problem with them as a company - and only once had to return a BenQ 1620 'cause it was real crap - and it really could have been an underpowered PSU rather than the ODD - but they took it back and refunded all my monies-eh!