I just got the 740a and I think its a very good burner.My problems are trying to back up my ps2 games.I have used Ritek g05,fuji,and Maxell (Japan) All are -R.The Riteks wont even boot up sometimes and the fuji and riteks freeze alot.What is the best and proven -R media to use in this burner??

go here http://www.plextor.be/technicalservices/technology/cdrmedia.asp?choice=Supported%20media and look to see what plextor recommends to use on this model

I use any Kind of good media, and never had problems…

Are you shure, the software of the games is ok?

I even burn +R as DVD ROM…never had complains in 3 different PS2…

Good Luck!

The PS2 can be very, very picky. I think the best media you can use is probably DVD-R media manufactured by Taiyo Yuden (like Plextor’s own media). You could also try to burn some DVD+R media as Mordorr suggested with the booktype set to DVD-ROM.