740A will not Disk Quality? -A noob in need

Ok, so this is my situation-
Plex 740a vs Benq 1655.
This is my Benq thread:

Is it just me or is it the burner? I tried installing Plextools and Nero to try to check this new 740, but its not letting me do it.
Thanks for any tips.

The Plextor 740A is a rebadged BenQ 1640…
Plextool does not support this drive…
You can flash the 740A to a DW1640 and get the use of Nero CD/DVD Speed, but you void your Plextor warranty.
The BenQ DW1655 is the new replacement for the DW1640 and can do LightScribe labels…
I would keep the newer drive (1655) !!!

Well for starters I will let in on a little secret. The 740 is a Benq 1640, Whil Plextor makes or attempts to make great drives (708, 712, and 716) these specialty drives are more expensive then 2 of almost any other drive. To combat this Plextor rebadged the benq 1640 so they could have a dvd burner that is more in-line with other manufacturers burners.

As for testing the drive Nero speed should be able to do the tests for you.

I am with him on this, It would be one thing if the 740 was a true plextor, but since its not the and its a benq anyways, go with the newer drive. Keep the 1655.

Heh, those hardware companies are always up to sneaky tricks. Thanks for the quick input. I’ll keep the 1655.