740 -->> 1640 Firmware Flash Help

Well im a Noob here and i was wondering if there is anyway to back up my plextor drives 1.01 firmware

i have the update tool for the BSHB BenQ
and the update tool for Plex’s 1.01 firmware
i think that should be enough of a back up right

and i cant get the update tool to work…
i need the actual BSHB.cvt file…
and i have the EXE

Help me out

Hi :slight_smile:
Can’t recall where I got them. But I have BSIB cvt.& BSJB cvt. files. Plus 740 cvt. If you want, pm your email & I’ll seng them to you.

ok cool… i will take them

but i dont know if those firms is ok for the drive.
from wat i have been reading the BSHB is the one to get…

Can anyone else backup the use of the BSIb or BSJB fims with the 740??

Hi :wink:
Once you’ve flashed to BSIB/BSJB you can then flash to BSHB/BSKB/BSLB using BenQ own exe.
BSHB is the one most people started with, BSLB the most current.
PS got your pm & sent relevant f/w.
All 1640 f/w here

ok so question…

should i just stick with the updated BSIB or go back to the BSHB or go all the way to the BSLB?

Hi :slight_smile:
Depends on you really & want you want to do. BSIB is popular with pre Solid Burn users.You’ll need either BSKB or BSLB if you want to take advantage of Solid Burn & OverSpeed.
QSuite 2 will also be required. QSuite

ok kewl!

thanks alot