737MB .bin file?

What should I do with a 737MB bin file? Will it somehow magically shrink to fit 700MB (Because of how block sizes work)? It comes with some audio tracks on it. Could I rip that off somehow?

the 700mb capacity limit is including all the formatting for the file system of the disk, subchannel data etc. which equates to about the extra size you are seeing.

What you have is a binary (raw) rip of the cd so it includes all that

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What should I do with a 737MB bin file?

Just burn it as an image file. When burnt, it will fit with ease onto a 700mb cdr or even a 650mb cdr. :slight_smile:

A bin file is a raw image file which is ~19% larger than the space it will occupy when burnt.

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Sometimes these files are actually Mode2 under Nero