730MB cdr and 700MB cdr, difference?

Wondering if there is a difference. I have movies that average around 700-750MB. So I guess I cant but just any 80min cdr?
Do I have to look for the 730MB specifically?

A regular 80 min cd contains 359.999 free sectors.
Multiplied with 2K means a capacity of 702MB.
But when you multiply with 2024, the amount reaches 737MB
Same arithmetic trick was used for 650MB; should contain 680MB in some dubious occasions.
Verify free sectors with CDRinfo or your burningprog.
A movie with a size of 750 MB will not fit on such CDR’s.
When the movies are *MPG type, you may consider to burn them with Nero as VCD, because you can put a 800MB *.MPG file in that format on a 700MB CDR.