7240S Speed Step Stratagy ? Impossible?

I remember liggy or dee doing Nec stratagy speed up on my old nec drive

i was wondering if there is a way to do it on these drives

so for instance on a dual layer blank disk the burn starts at 6x and steps up to 8x after 1gig then stays there untill layerbreak then carries on at 8x then drops to 6x and finishes burning the disk

currently with the 1.3 firmware dual layer starts at 4x then 6x then 8 speed then back down to 6 then 4 then finish
the stratagy i have outlined above should be able to finish the disk much quicker ?

is that possible on these drives ?:bow:

I would doubt that could be done without knowing which part of the firmware controls the overall writing strategy, and even if it could be done, i personally wouldn’t want to mess with a DL strategy that burns with such good quality, even if it does take a couple of minutes more to complete a burn.

ahh thanks for the information :confused: just thought it was possible as all :frowning: lol :slight_smile: