720a or 832s?

So, i got a “Sony 720a” from walmart, used. It was obviously not exactly sony, or was oem. Come home install it and it shows up as a liteon drive, i didnt care…

after doing some searching, this doesnt match up? even if it is an oem drive, the only working firmwares are for the 832s, which is also the 700a or 710a. and the 720a is a 1673s… yeah its kinda confusing sorry if its not exactly spelled out too clearly. i’m just curious as to why the sticker says something that isnt right? or wtf. i’ve tried reflashing with afew different firmwares but the only ones that work are ones for, 832s. sorry for any errors in the firmware version info. but yeah anyway.

sony = 700a 710a 720a
liteon= 832s 1633s 1673s

and what’s the question?

Why does the case of the dvd drive (the sticker ontop of the drive says 720a) but the liteon model that shows up in windows should be the 700a, or some such. … Why don’t the model numbers match up?

because it shouldnt match up,its a rebadged liteon 832s
sony drives are manufactured by liteon and every sony drive is a rebadge of some liteon drive

the 720a is a 1673s rebadge. the 800a is a 1693s rebadge.

why wont the bio’s for the 1673s work then? it makes the drive nonworking and not even showing up in the bios. its just confusing as to why the correct drivers dont work.

Have you considered that maybe someone just gave you the casing of a 720a with something else inside expecting you wouln’t notice? :wink:

which bios?
a dvdrw drive has a firmware and an eeprom. if you’ve damaged the eeprom the drive can’t be recovered anymore. if you damaged the firmware you can easily recover the drive with mtkflash, real dos mode and a .bin firmware.

i’ve been using mtk to try the different firmware versions, switched through probably 20 by now, the only ones that work are ones made for the 832s drive, current firmware is CY58 … its some “patched” model, it works and was dated newer then all the rest i could find (i think). did have some VS0E or some such when i first plugged it in, and thats what i have to use to recover the drive after doing a bad flash or mis flash.

i’ve actually thought about someone replacing the casing, but even so, thats so stupid i just cant image wtf … i got the drive for free … so not like i got screwed.

Anyway! blah blah blah yack yack yack time for me to buy a sack.

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