7200a a no sheep burner?

I have a Optiarc AD-7200a and when I tried the sheep test it failed all of them, even sd2old. The review says it’s supposed to be a 2 sheep burner. I noticed the review used firmware 1.05 and my drive has 1.09 so I tried to downgrade to 1.05 using necflash but it wouldn’t let me. It said the bootcode was different and that the firmware was for a different drive.

What’s going on here? I’m wondering if they switched the hardware and didn’t tell anyone.

Another person here was having the same bootcode error with their 5200a and that one did have changed hardware. If mine has different hardware from the one in the review it could explain the differences in performance I’ve been seeing.

Has anyone else ran the sheep test on their 7200a and got a failure on all tests?