7200 stuck on reading "miswritten" +RW

I have a +RW disc that had been unsuccessfully written with my failing 3550. I wanted to erase it with the new 7200.

Upon disc insertion, it seems to be doing the usual initialization: the LED stays on for a few seconds then turns off. But when trying to actually access it, whether the filesystem or just to get disc information, the drive gets stuck – the LED turns on and stays like that until I press the eject button. The same happened with firmware 1.01 and now with 1.06.

I tried doing a full erase. It started okay, but some 30 seconds into the write it got stuck.

My past experience with troublesome discs was that they are either not recognized as discs at all, or return “device not ready” or something of the sort.

Can an RW disc really be damaged due to a failed write, and isn’t the 7200’s handling of this a bit peculiar?