7173A (xf 7170A) 1.O3 LabelFlash Burning

I have a xf 7170A to 7173A then upgraded firmware to 1.O3. I am in the US and ordered some of the FujiFilm LabelFlash media. I have the latest nero and I also downloaded the Utility directly from Yamaha/LabelFlash and it will not let me burn the LabelFlash side. Nero says no compatible burner detected. The utility thinks I am on the data side and the option to change it is grayed out. Any suggestions? Mobo is Asus P5N-E SLI and Im using Vista 32bit.

You need Nero Premium and have to download the labelflash utility. Nero Ultra will not support this. Only Lightscribe.

By labelflash utility, do you mean from Nero or the Yamaha/LabelFlash one on the LabelFlash website (I believe it is LabelFlash Index Maker 1.20). If it is the latter, that is what I was refering to in the first post that would not let me change the options.

Good call on the Premium. I had Ultra. Switched the serial to Premium (yes I own both, lol), and I can burn it. Testing my first one now. Not sure why the other program detects the data side, but this should be all I need anyway. Thanks.

lol, PREMIUM is limited to europe.

Premium should certainly not be available to customers in the USA.

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