7173A burner and Dual Layer problems

this is the first time i burn a DL media with my new 7173A burner (1-01 firmware version).
They’re RiDisc brand DVD-R DL 2.4x certified.

The burner recognize them as 8x-6x-4x capable.

I tryied to burn two of them at 8x and 4x. The burner correctly finalized them, but there are some errors on the discs that makes some file unreadable.

The disk data from nero info tool:
Layers: 2
Supported speeds: 8.0x-6.0x-4.0x
Manufacturer ID: CMC MAG D04

Do i made some mistakes? Should the firmware be updated? Or should i simply throw away these discs? :sad:
Thankyou very much for any advice.

i burned the first disk as UDF, with a 7.5Gb image file and some minor files, while i burned the second one as standard ISO with multiple files. Errors in various sectors where detected.

DVD-R has no speed of 2.4x, 2.4x only refers to +R/+Rw and +R DL media.
IMO, iff you can burn those at 4x without problems then be happy with it.
8x on them? Would be crazy.

Sorry, it was my mistake: they’re dvd+r dl media and, even at 4x, i get errors on it that makes some file unreadable :frowning:
Shouldn’t my burner recognize them as 2.4x?

Only DL media to buy is Verbatim, simple as that.

I simply didn’t know :frowning:

So i simpy throwed away 18.99€ :frowning: :frowning:


Check this out: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediasearch=ridisc&dvdmediadvdridsearch=&type=3&size=8.5&dvdburnspeed=All&order=Name&hits=50&search=Search+or+List+Media

I’ve seen a lot of 8x DVD+R DL RiDisc/Datawrite branded RICOHJPND01 are these rubbish too, I am suspicious as they are only about 19-20ukp for 25.

Are they the same as the CMC MAG D01 you mention, I’m assuming not as they’re 8x not 2.4x, again for a 7173 (and 3500, 4571, 3550, BenQ1640…)

RICOHJPND01 discs are manufactured with the “Inverted Stack” method. Not every drive will produce readable results with these discs. You may be lucky but the recommendation is still to stick with Verbatim if you need DL discs.

shame, as the verbatim are pretty thin on the ground around here, and cost about 3ukp each, instead of 75p that the widely-available ricoh’s do…

Is there a revised write strategy that will cope with RICOHJPND01’s? My 7173S has produced 10 coasters now with these - load of cr@p! Only firmware I can see is Liggy’s Bitsetting 1.00 and that doesn’t like the RICOHs…


Yes, but with Plextor burners, AFAIK.