7170A in an external enclosure

I received my 7170A and tried to put it in an external enclosure Syba SD-U2PLA-525 (NEC chipset)
This enclosure worked fine with 3540A, 3550A, 3570A
but did not work for 7170A (Master/Slave/Cable Select)
I also tried with a USB Adapter BT-200 and did not work, too
The tray does come out and the LED does flash,
but windows doesn’t see it
Does anyone have similar experience? A working adapter or enclosure?

I do not have easy access to a desktop,
I will try later

sorry about that,
it is working now.
For some reason windows refuses to identify the drive before reboot

It does not work in Plumax with Prolific chip.


On my recent trip overseas, I had it hooked up via a Plumax case (bought in late-October @ Dealsonic) with the Prolific chip, and hooked it up via Firewire to my notebook.

I burned lots of SL & DL’s, plus watched movies, ripped music, installed games, the works, nothing but success with it.

I think I posted some scans in the Big External Enclosure thread about this.

Hope that helps anyone considering this case, if you can still find it.