7170a errors

I have some 7170a drives in a new pc I just built. I tried 2 different L&D bitsetting firmwares (currently 1.03) and both are giving the same problems. Using multiple recorders in Nero 6, (updated) sometimes they perform well. Other times they will only burn at 2.4x. Nero gives an error for “illegal disc” and in the end it didn’t even write to one or more of the blanks. I’m using Verbatim +r MCC003 & 004. (not at the same time of course) I’ve always had good fortune with NEC in the past, but maybe I should look to Lite-On or Pioneer now? All ATA channels are running on DMA, even though I had to force them to PIO to flash this latest firmware, then back to DMA.
Edit: Here are some scan results from nero cd/dvd speed’s 'disc quality" scan at 4x. Bear in mind I used a Lite-on dvd-ROM drive for scanning as I don’t have a Lite-on dvd-rw. {PI: max: 59 avg. 11.76} {PIF: max: 21 avg. 1.74}

You won’t like that, but the issues you have are classic issues with DVD burning using multiple recorders.

Unless I didn’t understand exactly what you’re doing, the culprit is probably your system and HD, not the burners. Whatever, burning two DVDs at a time is a risky operation.

Would you happen to have both burners hooked up on the same IDE channel BTW? This config is a no-no for high-speed burning in 2 burners at the same time…

Its fixed now, I just re-installed Nero. The problem might have been because I installed all the updates including InCD.