7170-A and dvd-r problem

hi falks.
I have a problem with my optiarc dvd burner.
It doesn’t seem to read any dvd-r media (movies etc…) which are read fine in other drives (like nd3550).
I havn’t found any solution here yet - here is a little background on my computer:
I have the latest official firmware 1.02.
windows xp sp2 up-to-date.
eset nod32 2.7.
nvidia gForce 7600 gs 512MB with driver 93.71 (latest).
Core Duo 2 E6400.

Will be glad to get some suggestions.


Does the drive read any DVD media at all? Does it read CD media at all?

I’ve had two AD-7173A drives that couldn’t read or recognize any discs at all to begin with, and another 7173 that developed the same problem after 5 months.

The 7173 is the same as the 7170 but with Labelflash support.

hi there.
It read other cd’s with no problem so far.
it just won’t play any dvd-r - movies. I have all codecs installed and have tried more than one software to play the dvd…


Try to see if the -R media are recongized by the drive with nero cd-dvd speed, and as DrageMester said, my first 7173 was DOA, but the second is still alive and screaming at 18x.

hi there.
well, it doesn’t seem to play dvd’s at all…even offical (not burned) dvd’s…though nero infotool recognize the media.
any suggestion from this point?

Try another software, vlc maybe?