716UF - slow burns and won't burn DLs?

I have a 716UF. It now burns the DVD-5 slowly and the DL’s not at all. I have a Compaq nx7010, current versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, and the Plextor tools 2.32a installed. I checked the DMA and its on. I left on AS and Powerec.

The Write Test on the Imation DVD-R is 6x. The Write Tests on Verbatim DVD+R-DL is about 6x and the Memorex DVD+R-DL is 4.5x. The PE/FE tests are terrible for the Memorex disks and the speed is 2.5x??

Media? Software? User?

Also, Plextools says sometimes I have a 716a and other times it says a 716UF. I am assuming they’re the same its just mine is external.