716SA ... would you buy one now?


i’m just having a reconfigure on my box and have the option to get one of these plextor 716SA drives now,still new.

So i was wondering what you guys would do, would you get this or something newer, i’m mainly looking for quality over speed, solid CD perfomance is also a consideration.

This will be to work in conjunction with a Plextor PX-608AL and NEC 7543A-01 mounted in the plextor dual bay box (PX-DB608AL)

eventually i’d like to swap out the SATA drive for a blue-ray/HD option, but at the prices they are commanding at the moment i’m not going to be upgrading any time soon, also i’d like to see if anyone has the balls to try a dual HD/Blue-ray unit before i commit such a large amount of $$

so what are your thoughts ? … tried and tested versus newest ?

I would prefer a 716 anyday over the 740, 750, 755, 760, 800 or 810.
If you can get it, I think you wouldn’t regret it :wink:

ha … isnt that typical … i was second guessing my self, and waiting to see what replies i got here (sometimes there are just too many choices !)

so i phoned the company and they sold it this morning … had it on ebay as well and someone bought it for 80 uk pounds

thats life i guess, second option was a 760a with a PATA to SATA bridge plugged in the back and then link it to the nVIDIA controller on my motherboard … just not so sure about that, need to find out if the 760a was native SATA converted to PATA inside the case, if so then reconverting it is likely to introduce all sorts of gremlins

oh well, back to the drawing board for now … thanks for the reply btw:)

I do have many drives ( 3 at this time).

The one i must trust?

Plextor 716.

Solid Rock in -R and +R


Yep, I just bought one :slight_smile:

P.S. Nice of you to recommend it, [B]Mordorr[/B], even if it can’t burn that funny pack of Verbatim T03’s :wink:

Guess i’ll know better for next time !! cheers guys

It seems no longer available in USA.

Neither in Europe, except for a few weird places that actually have a reason not to sell it.

I found a store still has 716SA.


dam … wonder if they’d ship to the UK !!

i thought i had found a 760SA yesterday, but after ordering it when they took it from stock it was an 800A :frowning: so they had to phone to tell me it was listed wrong on their stock system and website :frowning:

Reseller ratings at Infotechnow seems quite good…