716SA woes

Hi all, i wish my first post to cdfreaks would be under happier circumstances. I picked up a new 716SA just a couple days ago and installed it. my first cd burn was a pitiful 35 minute DVD burn, where the buffer was extremely erratic, going from full to empty, cycling over and over again.

I took a look at plextools, and upon doing a write transfer rate test, it’s extremely erratic and seems like it can’t go faster than 4x (on an 8x piece of media). Average write speed 3.69x.
The READ speed is even more abysmal, barely topping out at 3x (2.88x).

Is this drive crap, am I doing something wrong, or what? (I’ve read a lot of other threads concerning the 716SA here, I’m not sure which one applies to me.
i had a 1210 on an older computer that did a pretty good job(it’s dead now though), and i THOUGHT plextor was a really reputable brand, but after reading some of the comments here, it’s looking like they’ve dropped the ball… 4RMA’s? thats just heinous.

Whenever the drive is accessed, my system gets hamstringed and slows to a crawl. I can’t even bust a move to winamp while installing something from the dvd.

A8V Deluxe mobo
AMD3500+ 939
2x200gb maxtor sata, RAID 0
The DVDRW and hard drives are on seperate channels.

Any help would be amazing, because I cant live with this investment sucking this bad. :confused:

Thanks in advance,


I’m guessing the problem is the SATA controller on your motherboard. Did you check the motherboard compatibility page on Plextor’s website?

Do you have the Plextor connected to the VIA SATA controller or the Promise one?

Thanks for replying so quickly!
The compatibility on plextor’s site looks to be A-OK:
How do i know / how do i change that aforementioned connection? is it a physical one or a software one? both of the “sata-raid” jacks on the mobo are used up by the hard drives. http://www.uac.co.jp/news/daily/040512/A8V_2D%20L.jpg
*excuse the huge bastard pic: the sata jacks are on the bottom right of this picture, use the horizontal blue ide-raid plug as reference: ones underneath are the SATA-raid, ones above are the SATA1 / SATA 2. As of now, the two SATA raid ones are occupied by hard drive, and SATA1 is occupied by the burner.(which is continuing to run like utter crap)

i think it’s on the promise one.

*further info: it’s a 308A/July 2005

I’d think SATA1 and SATA2 would be the connectors from the VIA chipset, but swap things around to test.

Your first guess was right, the burner is plugged in to the VIA one.
*new info: burner passed self diagnostic, but took a laughably long time, nearly 30 min.

*from plextor’s support/compatibility list
A8V Deluxe OK VT8237 No BIOS changes needed

What are the BIOS settings for the VIA SATA controller?

more fun:
while booting, it definitely recognizes the drive, but as a 716A.
if i hit tab to enter the VIA8237 setup, nothing can be navigated.
in windows, the VIA RAID tool sees it, but it’s running at PIO mode 4. which i assume is not correct.

The drive being recognized as a 716A is not a problem; that’s what it is, only with a SATA interface. I’d probably try disconnecting the drive, then configuring the VIA controller in the BIOS. It likely needs to be set to IDE mode.

That could be your problem. What you are describing sounds exactly as if the drive is running in PIO mode. But I have no knowledge about SATA, so I don’t know if something like a PIO mode does still exist there. If it does, that’s exactly your problem.

some of the sata chipset has raid and ide mode , please set to ide mode when using optical drives hard drive has no problem with raid mode but optical drive do.

Hi Mentor,
I understand what you’re getting at, but I’ve got no idea how to change it around. The BIOS entry, Promise entry and VIA SATA entries are all seperate entities (DEL for the bios, ctrlF for the promise, TAB for the VIA). It posts okay, but that’s it.
When I boot into the VIA SATA navigator, it can’t see the drive (on either channel, 0 or 1). I think I might be mildly retarded.


Entheogen, did you first disconnect the drive, then try to reconfigure the VIA SATA? Also, do you have the 4-in-1 drivers installed? And lastly, do you have the latest BIOS for your board?

a) 4-in-1’s are installed.
b) Bios 1014 just flashed in successfully.
c) Went in to the bios, changed the Promise RAID controller to IDE

Upon switching the HDDS to the other two SATA channels, and the burner to what is physically labeled as “SATA_RAID” on the mobo, the hard drives were ID’d properly by the VIA controller but not configured to RAID. the Promise controller said “searching for IDE drives” which I’d HOPED would see the burner, but 30 …s later, nothing. So I switched em back. Computer 2, me 0

Gosh, at this point it might be time to trade in that 716SA for a 716A…

done and done :stuck_out_tongue:

Swapped it for an IDE one. So am I to understand that any DVD i ever burned with any other burner on any media can never be read by this drive? awesome. :confused:

I don’t think so, why? Are you experiencing reading problem with 716A?

yep. this whole debacle is pissing me off quite a bit over all.
I tried to load up a fujifilm 8x DVD-r (prodiscF01 type) that i burned with a lite-on burner. two amber lights/unsupported media time. EVERYTHING on my system is up to date now, and im running 1.09 of the firmware.