716SA reading as 716A



Hi, I have a PX-716sa and under device manager its showing it as 716a.
I have the drive hooked up to a Asus P4G8X deluxe and it is hooked up to the nVidia Sata ports (not the silicon image). Does anyone know how to fix this prob?


It’s not a problem. My PX-716UF shows up as a USB 716A in Device Manager.


it’s not a problem…they are the same drive, just with different interfaces which can be reported as either depending on what you’re looking at (i.e. Device Manager versus Plextools versus SiSoft, etc.). also, the drivers you’re using (MS IDE versus NFORCE chipset/IDE/SATA) will have an effect on how your computer sees the device.


Have a good look at the first and second screen-shot of this page:


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Thx for the help :slight_smile: