716SA on NEO4 Platinum



My 716SA just showed up from newegg TLA-0304 January/05, and i should have the rest of my components for a new build in a few days.
Im beggining to think that the 716SA wasnt the best choice for this new build after reading through the forums here. I think i have heard of 2 other people using the 716SA with some success on the NEO4 but only on the SI controller.
Im debating on RMA’ing the Plextor and getting the NEC 3520A for 1/2 the price.
I have 30 days to do the RMA, and i guess i could try a few burns and see what happens. Anyone else with the NEO4 Platinum here having success with this drive?


Try Add-in cards from promise or adaptec if your motherboard doesn’t work.

You can find more info here at the botom of the page.


perhaps the FW 1.04U resolved any existing issues with NF4 boards. i’d make sure you try updating FW before anything else.