716SA DVD-RW write quality

I just want some opinions on the write quality of my 716SA on DVD rewriteable media. I have posted some scans of my Fuji 4X DVD+RW (RICOHJPNW11 media code) and found this media to be good overall. I am a little concerned about the PIF errors on this media. However, I have found the Verbatim 4X DVD-RW (MCC 01RW4X media code, made in Singapore) disc that I have to have higher PIE/PIF, but the quality still appears to be acceptable. Attached are the SUM8 and SUM1 scans made by Plextools Pro, and a Kprobe scan. My feeling is that even though my PIF has a max of 6 in Kprobe and Plextools Pro, the rise to 5 and 6 PIF errors are spikes and shouldn’t be a problem, espesically when you consider that this is rewriteable media, which always has much higher error rates than recordable write once discs. This is the third erase/write cycle I have done with this Verbatim 4X DVD-RW disc, so this is not the first time I have written to this disc. So far, I have the impression that the PX-716 series likes Ricoh rewriteable DVD discs better than Mitsubishi rewriteable DVD discs. Which is good, because I have 5 of the Fuji 4X DVD+RW Ricoh made discs and only one of the Verbatim DVD-RW Mitsubishi discs.

For comparison:
Plextor 716a TLA#0202 FW 1.03, RicohJPN W11 01, sold als TDK +RW 4x, Sum8 and Beta/Jitter scans.

As you say, the 716 series seems to like Ricoh RW …

Thanks for your input, hwp. My Ricoh 4X DVD+RW SUM8 and jitter scans look very much like yours. Do you have a SUM1 scan? Of the two Ricoh 4X DVD+RW discs I’ve tested, one maxes out at 5 PIF (5 PIF spikes), and this is the one that has been cycled through 6+ times. Another Ricoh 4X DVD+RW disc maxes out at 6 PIF, but this disc had just been written to on two other DVD burners, which is why its error rate is a little higher. Even this disc, which needs to be cycled though more on my 716SA, still has significantly lower PIE/PIF rates than the Mitsubshi DVD-RW 4X disc.

Unfortunately not. This test was done when the drive was new (hence the old FW). The result was so good i didn’t bother with further testing since. All my RW burns have worked fine so far and since I only use RW for short-time storage (data transfer between computers) even a bad burn would not have roused my attention, as long as the result was still readable.

tlotz, PIFs on RICOHJPNW11 is usually quite high, around 5-7 max. If you don’t have any playback or read problem then I wouldn’t worry about it.

hwp, if you mean data transfer between your own computers (more than 2), then “Networking” is much much faster. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there is no network between the computers in question :wink: