716SA, burns fine, ripping is very slow

Hi, just installed my new SATA burner today. I noticed that when using DVD Shrink 3.2 that encoding/ripping is incredibly slow compared to my old Lite On Sohw 832s. The Liteon was ripping at like 6,000KB/s and the Plextor is peaking off right around 2,700KB/s. The CPU(2500+) is hardly getting used, 6% tops.

It burns movies fast(8 minutes) but ripping them it’s horrendously slow, I tried upgrading the firmware and restarting, but nothing.

Please help?

I should add. The drive is connected to a Promise SATAII150 TX4 controller card. My NF7-s is being used by my Raptor raid 0, so I can’t try the drive there.

The other drive on the TX4 is showing NO signs of speed issues.

This is my first Plextor drive so I have no idea what is useful in Plextools.

–No 3rd party drivers or anything like that either.

The Plextor uses 2x speed for video playback for less noise unless told to go full speed. In PlexTools under “drive settings” in the “advanced” tab select “enable SpeedRead”.

I had the same problem.

My 716SA is connected to the SATA3 connector on my MSI K8N SLI Platinum mobo, and i was wondering what could be wrong, since i have also a NEC dvdrw connected to my IDE1 and it is so much faster ripping/reading dvd on dvdshrink.

Im glad i came across this forum, so now after i changed the speedread setting my plextor reads ok.

The only thing is that i dont understand why they do not enable it by default.
If, like they say in the help button of plextools, this could get very noise/vibrating and could somehow damage your drive, why is that all other drives don’t have the same problem? My NEC reads at full speed all the times (i think) and there’s no setting for that. Is it better than plextor? Or does NEC doesn’t care about the same problems like plextor do? weird…

The point is Plextor gives you a choice. If you want to watch a DVD you can do so without having to listen at the drive running at 16x whereas if you want to rip a movie you can do so at maximum speed an to hell with noise.

You got a point there :wink:

Anyway, also you could press the eject button for 5 seconds, wait for the green led to blink 3x so that the drive will switch to speedread on by hardware setting. It worked for me… ripping at 6000kb/s.

Those guys at plextor support had some luck this time… i was ready to make a mess there :wink:

Hehe. If if remember correctly the button-press-method is even mentioned in the manual… but then who reads it? :slight_smile:

The only doc that came in the box was the drive installation guide (no mention on that method) and the besel installation guide, no user manual…:S

I think those guys at the office aren’t so lucky now… ehehehehe

I tried the button press thing.

Unfortunately, I think I held it down too long, because it double blinked twice.

<< Idiot.

Thanks for the help all! <3

If you have installed the NForce 4 IDE drivers, as I did with my MSI board you might want to uninstall them and run with the standard setup.

I found my 716SA would run in PIO mode with the enhanced drivers installed. By reverting to the Standard drivers the 716 runs at UDMA Mode 4 and is of course much much faster.

You can check the properties of your IDE port in device manager. Not the drive but the IDE controller.

Something with the SATA Plextor does not register correctly with the NForce drivers. I am not sure where to point the finger, Nvidia, MSI or Plaextor. Probably should start with Plextor, I did send MSI a description of the problem.

I tried it, i uninstalled the nvidia ide driver. For some reason, after that there was a device that windows didn’t recognized ( i thought it would install the standard ones, with no assle at all… but this is not the case :|). Anyway my drive still ran very slow after this step. So i went for the Speedread feature in plextools and eject-button method.

Please keep us informed about any news, ok?

@tom10167, the first set of blinks after 3 seconds indicates SpeedRead enabled…the second set of blinks after 5-6 seconds indicates AutoPlay enabled for the inserted disc…these two settings can be confirmed in Plextools…

your read issue may be caused by the fact your running a SATA optical with a Promise controller chipset which in general don’t fully support ATAPI commands and are NOT recommended to be used with SATA based ODDs…i see you don’t have any read issues with your other ODD running off the same card but perhaps that particular controller does have ATAPI commands for IDE drives but not SATA drives…

@whiz187, some comments here have indicated that the newest NF4 drivers have fixed some compatibility issues with plextor’s SATA opticals…so i think one should probably start with Nvidia instead of with Plextor…

the 3-second eject button trick has been around for a while…i remember it even had different functions in the past (e.g. to enable overspeeding of media with the 708A/UF with earlier firmware revisions)…