716A with Firmware Version 1.09

Up until 1.09 I have been geeting very good to excellent scans according to Plextools Pro. Once I installed 1.09 I still get very good to excellent with DVD-R’s but I only get Bad using DVD+R’s. U use Verbatium 16X DVD Disks which are on the approved list. I called Plextor today and they say they have not had any complaints like this. I thought I had seen a post saying the same thing a week ago but can’t find it. Has anybody had similar proglems?

Yes there are: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=115081&page=64#post1154376 (Postings Nr. 1588 and following). It may be the media. Are your MCC made in India?

NO, They are Verbatim DVD+ R MCC004 made in Tawian

A lot of views but no responses. Appreciate any feedback you can give

No 716 here, but I have to ask: Why upgrade your firmware when you were already happy with the results of 1.08? There’s no details on 1.09 changelogs so it’s impossible to know if 1.09 improved writing performance on specific media or if it just added some newer media (like the so far unseen Yuden000-T03) to the 716’s firmware table.

In your particular example, a bad batch of a good MID is usually the culprit, as hwp alluded to. You can try them in another burner (if you have one) or try exchanging them for another spindle to hopefully shed more light. If this same spindle burned fine under FW 1.08, you could just flash back to that version and leave it there.

I upgraded my tla 0202 to 1.09 and i thought i was getting worse scans so i rma’d the drive i got a new 0308 sent to me and i updated it straght away but i was not particularly happy with the scans when i burned some t02’s.
I have just flashed back to 1.08 and im going to run some more tests to see if the performance improves at all.

62cwil i sugest you also flash back and see if the drive performs better.

@62cwil: If my memory serves me well, an article about fake dvd’s in the German c’t quoted some Taiyo Yuden and some Verbatim officials, who stated that they didn’t have plants in Taiwan. I’m absolutely sure about TY, and I think this also applies to MCC disks.

And your point is that this makes Verbatim (MCC) Made in Taiwan media fake?

Verbatim doesn’t have plants in Taiwan, India or many other locations, but what they DO have is outsourcing deals with sub-contractors in those countries!

dragemaster is right most of verbatim’s official media is outsource from companies like cmc and prodisc. thus there are many offcial (ie NON FAKE) verbs from taiwan.

All of the comments are appreciated. What I do know according to Plextor is that the Verbatim Disk I use which states made in Tawian is one of their approved disks. I did flash back to 1.08 and both the DVD-R from Verbatim and the DVD+R show very good to excellent scans. When I was at 1.09 the - ones still read the same and the + ones all reported out as bad, yet when I took them even though they ready bad to another computer and they read fine. Also, I don’t have a bad batch. I tried 5 under 1.09 the minus ones and they were all good and I tried 5 of the plus ones and they all read bad.

Even though Plextor says they have not had any comments their is no question something about the plus ones are a problem with my machine with respect to how plextools pro reports even though they played ok on another machine. Maybe plextools pro has a problem.

Today i decide to make a backup of my Emule files…

And make a litle Overburning, with my newest media:Sony +R DVD 8X at 12X

Turn Nero on, start to record…nothing new…until i get at 52% of the Burn! :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a :a

The dam Record, did slow donw from 10X to 8/6x :a :a

Look at this:

what a hell is this? Isn`t supose go and stay at 12X?!?!?!

I understand that the Plextor can`t burn 16X, but 12X?!?! :doh:

I almost feel in the mood to buy a 760, and play with RMA…to bad i did open mine! :doh:

Dam thing…and i also look at the DVD itself and i can see diferents rings, due the change of the speeds! :rolleyes:

Shame on you Plextor!

later i will return to 1.06 fw…


most likely PR kicking in at the end of the burn, which we should all be used to by now…

what MID are those sonys? are they made in taiwan or japan? try running a media quality check and/or FE/TE test on a blank and post the results…

Thanks for all the comments but most comments have nothing to do with the question I asked. For instance one said if I was happy with 1.08 then I should return. I know that. The point was I seem to be experiencing problems with the 1.09 and I was simply pointing it out and asking if anyone else had experienced anything similar. Another comment talked about problems with Sony Disks. I was talking about a specific problem with a known set of good and acceptable discs to Plextor.

If I were Plextor and monitored this forum I would never try to chase down a-z discussions. Seems to me when someone ask what they perceive and others feel is a valid question we should answer the question and don’t just go willy nilly anywhere across the board.

Don’t take me wrong but I hope you understand what I am saying. All of us from time to have have valid issues and their are those out their who can shed some light.

Not me. FW 1.09 works perfect for me, and I’m only using DVD+Rs.

Another comment talked about problems with Sony Disks. I was talking about a specific problem with a known set of good and acceptable discs to Plextor.
Even media with the same brand can change from time to time. Best example are the Fujis which once were Taiyo Yuden and now are crap. So you can never be sure that they are “known good”.

HI 62cwil !

Sorry if did use your tread, to put another issue of mine…

Since i did see a tread of FW 1.09, wich is the one i´m using, i didn`t want open another one, to create Spam… :cop:

About your question, i don´t have any kind of issues with this new FW and +R, but to be honest, i´m been using more -R media`s…

Later i will return to FW 1.06, the best one for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


When i return at home, i will now what is the media ID in question, but if i`m not wrong is made in Taiwan :bigsmile:

Best regards,


Thanks - I appreciate your comments and trust I didn’t offend you.

Well, then your best bet is to talk to Plextor. We here can only guess at what changes they made between 1.08 and 1.09, whereas Plextor knows for sure.

Thanks - I appreciate your comments and trust I didn’t offend you.

You didn`t offend in nothing!lol Please, i would help in everthing i can :iagree:


I buy a 25 DVD`s, 25DPR120AS3 Version 1.2


** INFO : Hex Dump Of ‘Media Code’-Block Listed Below
** INFO : 4-Byte Header Preceding ‘Media Code’-Block Discarded
** INFO : Format 11h (Method 1) - ADIP Information
0000 : a1 0f 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3f 00 00 00 00 …&.?..
0010 : 00 00 03 53 4f 4e 59 00 00 00 00 44 31 31 00 38 …SONY…D11.8
0020 : 23 54 37 14 00 32 6f 00 96 6a 17 19 0c 0c 0a 0b #T7…2o…j…
0030 : 01 19 1b 0b 0b 0e 0f 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …
0040 : 01 00 38 38 00 26 5f 24 0b 2e 23 10 04 1e 1d 01 …88.&$…#…
0050 : 00 00 00 26 5f 24 0b 2e 23 10 04 1e 1d 01 00 00 …&
0060 : 02 00 54 70 00 2d 5f 6a 20 13 0c 0a 00 18 00 00 …Tp.-_j …
0070 : 00 00 00 3e 5f 6a 20 13 0c 0a 00 18 00 00 00 30 …>_j …0

Maybe tomorow i can restart the PC with a “new” FW :bigsmile:


In fact, the c’t article was about fake media from Macao (where MCC and TY don’t have any plants), not Taiwan.

MCC does indeed produce in Taiwan (or Ritek does it under their license) or India.

P.S. - The FE/TE test requested :cool:

( first one i did… :stuck_out_tongue: )

drpino, what is your opinion? Is it serious? :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards