716a-Why isn't 1.07 firmware available on US site?

I check here;


and still no 1.07, but it’s been out for several days now in Europe I see. Are they doing more testing before releasing it to Americans (their biggest market I would guess)? Maybe they use other parts of the world as beta testers before releasing in USA??

Plextor USA always does seem to release firmware about a month later than Europe and Japan.

Maybe it has something to do with blank media distribution or slightly different standards, 50hz vs 60 hz power, PAL vs NTSC, etc, requiring furthur testing…who knows?

Patience is a virtue.

Later, Conrad

Well, it’s already out on the Japanese site. Japan uses NTSC and 60Hz/100V power, which is pretty much what the US uses (120V power the only difference) so I don’t think that’s it :wink:

I do believe the same. I bought my drive in US and upgraded 1.07fw with the European firmware. Did I make a mistake??

Ok…I know…American CEO’s give themselves such huge bonuses that there’s no money left over to hire someone to update the website. :o


I’ve used the European firmware revisions before and they seemed ok. As long as your burns are ok…

Later, Conrad

I’ve always downloaded the updates from the US, Japan, and Belgium sites, and if you check the CRCs of the files, they are EXACTLY the same, despite the choice of different file names…so no, there’s no different design for North American drives. It’s just poor service for North American customers…

1.07 is up on the US site now.

Since PXE and PXA ship with different software bundles, the US site probably wants to do a sanity check with their software??

that’s what they’ve claimed in the past…that they require extra time to test with the software bundles available in North America…

phooey…Plextor US blows chunks in comparison to other international Plextor divisions.

… and the Windows, Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 updaters are at this URL:

However, on the plus side i’ve always found the changelogs for firmware updates to be more verbose and informative on the US site. I quite apreciate that. Here’s an example:

PX-716A/SA/UF V1.07

* Improvements: Write performance on CD-R media
* Compatibility with DVD-R DL media

Version 1.07
Date posted: May 13, 2005
* Improved write performance on CD-R media.
* Improved the reading compatibility of DVD-R Dual Layer discs created with this drive on other DVD recorders

The DVD-R DL issue is a bit ‘undefined’ in the Europe changelog. The US version is a lot more specific to the actual issue.


they’re reading these forums…that’s the quickest the US site has posted recently :wink:

Interesting :rolleyes:

I didn’t think the voltage, freq or area would have any say. For PC’s, all the voltages and specs are standard anyway no matter what the PSU input supply is.

I’m not an expert in american consumer market specifics (i live in Europe) but offhand i can think of two things that might cause a delay:

  1. Electronic equipment needs to conform to certain standards. AFAIK in the US the FCC regulates this. A new firmware might need new FCC aproval.

  2. US law allows for litigation of compensation claims to amounts that raise to absolute silliness (i.e. totally incredibly high). So Plextor USA might want to do some basic tests to make sure the new FW doesn’t things like spontaneous combustion of the drive, zapping of your PSU, corrupt your HD data, etc. etc.