716A vs. 760A

YUDEN000T02. There were more people who found PX-716A price too high than those who found YUDEN000T02 rare. We all already know too well that it doesn’t really matter much whether 12x or 16x or 18x is really practical or not. It’s mostly just symbolic. Most people who own 16x DVD burners burn DVD media at 4x to 8x including myself who has owned well over 10 16x DVD burners and total 30 or so DVD burners. PX-708A I got about 30 months ago just could do the same thing. YUDEN000T01, RICOHJPNR01, YUDEN000T02, RICOHJPNR02… the most favorite media I’ve used, up to at 8x in less than 8 minutes.

BTW, PX-716A has never been sold in a “normal” store in South Korea and it’s probably the same in most other countries of the world. We are talking about very special, enthusiastic, extremely well-earning group of consumers.

Under 4 minutes is too demanding I think. :bigsmile:

I think it will still burn 18x for about 5 minutes.

A press blurb says “5,5 minutes” for 18x SL (i assume they mean 5min 30 sec) and “13,5 minutes” for 10x DL. As always such measurements highly depend on what you measure. For example i’ve seen CD/DVD-Speed and PlexTools give different ‘burn’-times with the same media on the same drive consistently.

If the press says so, I guess there’s little chance to get any faster than LG 4163 or BenQ 1620.

Yeah, the LG 4163 is hard to beat :cool:

Whats the point of a 760? The 716 burns 16x media at 12x so what’s the 760 gonna do? Burn 18x media @ 16x? When 16x media was supposed burn @ 16x on the 716? This is pathetic. Plextor should seriously consider doing more quality tests and research before they release another drive.

Stop allowing Plextor to use us like guinea pigs. Wake up and switch before it’s too late.

To make profit for the shareholders of Plextor’s parent company.

It’s also the point of a BenQ 1640, an LG-4167, a Pioneer 110, and the Amana Microwave Oven.

No, it will burn 16X media at 18X but probably only YUDEN media types.

When Power-Rec don´t kick in :wink:

@ftp1020. “Lest we forget”. Nice Avatar! Seems many people do forget our war veterans. Nice touch.:slight_smile:

The damn thing is in Europe i can’t find any 16x Yuden media :sad: .

And 8x DVD+R neither.

Then look better… :slight_smile:

I’ve not yet shopped here but:



That’s an easy one :slight_smile:


Maybe others dont know why a poppy avatar is sign for veterans, so here is little history.

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@KenW. Thanks for filling in the blanks. Canadas day to remember is Nov 11. Here is a link to the poem for those that are interested. http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/flanders.htm


Those who ‘went over the top’ were infinitely superior men to those that ordered them to. On all sides, in all wars.

Now I know what “the poppies entwine” means in Pink Floyd’s Final Cut … Thanks a lot.

I wouldn’t waste me time with the PX-760. For one, it only has a 2mb buffer. I got an email from Plextor after expressing my disappointment with the reduction of the buffer size. He told me that Iwould be surprised with what Plextor had to offer in the next 60 days. We shall see.

Dr. Gonzo

It’s very funny to see that first everyone complains how much they paid for their Plextor drive and as soon as (part of) the reason for the high price is removed (it looks like the 760 will enter the market at a price at which the 716 exits) the’ll complain that the ‘extra’ is gone. :bigsmile: