716A vs. 760A

No I am not sure Alex but as you will agree, there will always be people who only look at the specs and will not look any further than that. If, on paper, one drive is faster than another there will always be people who will buy the faster drive and I personally think that the number of people that only look at the specs are a lot higher than the number of people who actually check out other drives and directly compare them to see which drive is the fastest.

But I agree with you, we’ll have to wait and see how the PX-760A will perform. All these discussions are pretty useless if the drive hasn’t even been released yet (no offence to the topic starter ;)).

Has Plextor written anything about quality for the 760 or just speed. IS speed stressed over quality in their ads.

So when are you going to do the review? :bigsmile: Any idea on the time frame for a CDfreaks review on this drive?:slight_smile:

Between OC-Freak’s reviews and the comments of, er, certain members over the last 12 months, I’d say it’s even money Plextor tells CDFreaks to go and buy one if they want to review it!

hwp excepted, of course… :bigsmile:

I say wait till firmware 1.03 or 1.04 with the review :slight_smile:

Actually they are stressing both. They’ve done this earlier with the 708a and 712a too (both being the fastest at their time). However one should never take too seriously what is promised in advertisements. Best ist to wait for a first hands-on review.

Indeed. Let’s remember that for example the 712a (despite running quite a conservative 6-12x PCAV strategy!) was burning as fast or in some cases even faster than some of the first 16x drives that arrived on the market shortly after.


I guess we will find out when someone gets a 760 to test. Trust but verify!

I don’t even know if I’m going to do the review. Probably someone else will do the review of this drive because I don’t have the time. Haven’t heard anything yet about CD Freaks receiving a review sample but I’m sure we will.

I wondered briefly if some people already tested 760A comparing the results on this board with 716A results. Why do you speculate so much when nobody here (among those who post a lot) seems to have 760A?

Perhaps Plextor should have released PX-760A instead of PX-716A. 18x to very many people sounds a lot better than 16x.

People can’t wait to see whether or not Plextor has learned something?

Of course not. Every manufacturer wants to release as many drives as they can, even if a new drive adds absolutely nothing new (the BenQ DW1650 comes to mind ;)).


But i you can say that new drive drive can do more or have faster speed thatn the previous you can sell it better :wink:

In that case, Plextor could have first released “PX-718A” and then PX-716A, a downgraded version of PX-718A. 17-18x could have impressed a lot of DVD burning people a year or two years ago. Though it still sounds good, since more and more consumers are looking for Blu-ray and HD-DVD now… and so many Plextor users were disappointed at PX-716A… The bottom line is how many are going to pay how much for this coming PX-760A.

Lets hope :bow: they have done their homework and learnt from too early 716 release.

Heh, the 1650 adds more revenue for Benq since it’s probalby a buck or two cheaper to produce. :wink:

I doubt so. 12 months ago we were all still stuggling to find media that were really capable of delivering 16x speed and not just saying so on the label. 18 months ago 16x media where simply not available in a normal store…

New drives are getting so cheap that they are almost disposable. I pay more for a 50 spindle of media than I did for my BenQ 1640 (38.99 USD). If the Plextor 760A is reviewed by this forum and is given a good review that it can burn to 18x, under 4mins for a full 4.3 gig than I will buy the drive. I have heard that there will be no OEMs, just retail at about the same price as the 716A. I for one can’t wait to see the review.