716a tray

Am I the only one to notice that the 716a’s tray does not eject too quickly? Maybe its just my unit but the tray seems to come out half as quick as my 708a and makes an unsteady grinding noise.

If it is only on mine? should I try to RMA it?

My PX-716A’s tray is not very fast either. Have you checked if you enabled some setting in the Silent Mode tab in PlexTools? Here you can select your drive’s tray eject and load speeds.

Same here, very slow eject/load times…and i’ve set it to the fastest possible in Plextools 2.19a.

It’s much slower then the 712A i have in my PC right now while my 716A gets an RMA.

I just tried to change the Silent Mode settings in Plextools and its not any better.

i sold my 708a and i cant remember the tray speed but i ejected the trays of the 2 drives in this machine (716A and LTR-52327S) at the same time and the 716A tray is a little bit slower (it slows down while its ejecting) but i think its so normal.