716A thinks it is a 708R Firmware flash not possible

:frowning: Hey all…big-time noob here. I picked up a PX-716A, used, because I needed a drive that was compatible with plextools (c1/c2 error checking etc)…music production stuff.

After searching the internet for hours, I’m starting to think that this unit was in a duplicating tower. Someone (probably the makers of the tower) flashed the firmware to version 1.69 as a px-708R. The tla# is 0309 so that kinda makes sense, and the label clearly indicates it is a 716A.

My attempts at flashing the firmware (using Plextor’s 716A and 708 .exe’s) nets the same result…“No Drive Found” Is this hopeless or is there a way to reset the firmware and start over. All help is appreciated as I’m under the gun! :sad:

Latest firmware for that model is V 1.11
have had 3 716A units…

for some reason I cannot get on the plextor site…

I would also d/l the free plextools professional software that has been on my pc since the 1st 716A.
May help…

either way,
if you cannot get on plextor site, below is Plextools Europe.
all firmware and software is there.
I;m pretty sure that back in the day, I was told to install the plextools profesional software 1st, then install the burner…
there are 3 versions of plextools.
you want the free Plex professional software. V 3.11


I’ve had one instance where the official firmware update would not recognize a PX-716 connected via USB.

A possible solution might be the following: On the Plextor US site (www.plextor.com) check for 716 firmware updates. Under older firmware-updates (1.10 in think) you’ll find a iso-file that you can burn on a CD. This update process does not need a computer (IDE, SATA, USB interface) to transmit the firmware but the firmware is directly read from the disc). Instructions are included in the download.

As of now… 1:00 am, says plextor web site can’t be found…

I just noticed in my Plextools pro software,
it has a link to this now…


I believe that series of firmware is from Rimage…seen a few threads with
1.6x firmware listed and users mentioned they had been in towers. most likely the drive is fixed as a 708 (guess) for compatibility with the earlier Plextor 708. Also most likely cannot change unless someone can hack the firmware.

You had better photo your 716A’s body label so that I can ask a friend to trying fix it.