716A/SA/UF - Firmware 1.11

Did i hear that right?, a new firmware due in January?


Please keep us updated… :flower:

Hello?, didn’t Plextor Japan say firmware 1.11 for the 716A/SA would be out in January to support Vista etc?

So what happened?..will we no longer get support for our loyality and huge price premium for a Plextor purchase??

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All testing was based on RC2. Confirmation of any firmware or compatibility would have had to wait until the OS was officially released. Blame the delay on Microsoft.

Are you sure Plextor tested only with RC2? Vista RTM was available since end of November and I’m convinced that Plextor had access to that.

Yes. Look here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=203885

Ah, I see. I didn’t use the translator before. Still weird to me.

So much for January and firmware 1.11 :confused: :doh:


:doh: So much for february and still no firmware 1.11.

no more firmware for 716a :cop:

@yobi: Is this just speculation or is there any proof for your statement?


Plextor Japan still has the Vista compatibility page up that shows there will be a fw 1.11 for the 716 series, though it has been delayed past January.


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no more :disagree:

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easy. :cop:

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my plextor 716a & 760a working well on Vista x64bit ultimate.