716a rpc1 firmware



Can someone please post the 1.07 RPC1 firmware for the 716A? I usually get it from the Dangerous Brothers website, but it’s down right now…


Here you are:


This is to make region free…


yeah. rpc1 makes the drive region free.


Thanks for that link. The flash was successful.


is there an rpc1 for 712UF? (external)


I guess someone should post the usual disclaimer; i.e. that these firmware versions are unofficial hacks and that there is no guarantee that they will work.

Worse than that, there is the possibility that loading an unofficial firmware will trash your drive.

Also, even if the firmware does work, if your drive spontaneously dies at any time in the future, then you have invalidated your warranty by loading it. Unless you can flash the original firmware back, you could be in trouble.

OK so the chances are you will be OK, but beware of the dangers, that’s all.